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The Inspiration Behind My Work

Memories of childhood and the power of imagination are the driving force behind my work. I want my art to be a part of the conversation around how Black and brown youth see themselves in the world. Art is a form of storytelling, after all. The stories we are exposed to as children shape us. They can serve as an intervention and a way to change the trajectory of someone’s life. But, when Black and brown kids do not see themselves represented, art can negatively impact rather than positively. 


I often ask myself, how can we rewrite someone’s story and change how they see themselves? I believe that the visual arts make this possible. Through my work, I can create characters that inspire wanderlust and adventure, characters who teach self-worth and show Black and brown kids that it’s okay to take up space in the world. They should take up space.

Using texture, color, and scale, my work explores an array of experiences, emotions, inspirations, and stories. I build worlds that are meant to inspire whimsy and hope but also have the power to strengthen the viewer's belief in their own abilities. 

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